Originally concieved in 2015 the "UFO BASS" crew has been working on re-awakening the deep roots of the Aarhus underground electronic scene.
With inspiration from past local events such as "Prototybe", "Selectricity", "Noise Jihad", "Electronic Jazz Juice", "Chill-Park" and "Recession Festival" we are bringing the bass back!

With a strong emphasis on heavy electronic bass music, fused with a touch of everything slightly mad, we try to reach the experienced ears with a collision of new waveforms to explore.
Mostly our events have featured multiple stages and we always experiment with new genres, moods and concepts, scouting for new talents along the way. 






During our existence we have had a massive amount of great artists performing:
Noianiz, The Sect, Tomtek, Ruby My Dear, Obscene, Lookshot, CELO, RMZ, Kukilla, Karsten Pflum, Sofus Forsberg, Captive, Sunjah, P(h)onycat, Rasmus Meinert, Woofer, Minnie, Aux-In, NRVS ppl, Vic20, Dr Hertzum, Soul Shinobi, Lookshot, Acid Bob, Chill in Berlin, Fede Far, Gul Golf, Peckerhead, Lisbent, Rasmus Fisker, Snöleoparden, Skygg, ~/.SENKO, X-mit Funk, Jr. Lion, Green Green Disaster, Nero, Emoniz, Papa Neuph, Spolorm, Subbase, Molly Modulator, Makopo Chakula, Niemann, VTRIX, Yourhighness, Burt Cocaine, Laksefar 2004, Bentzon, Niemann, Noge and even more...

Here is a small selection of the artists we are working together with:
Dogu Booking Agency
Dogu Booking Agency

Rising from the slums of Samsø, Captive has been smashing it in Denmark and Lithuania since 2012 and has no plan of stopping or slowing down anytime soon. 
As a part of Revolution Crew - Captive is always guaranteed to bring some heavy duty Drum&Bass.

Sound Solution Digital, Audio Overload Records, Dubstomp 2 Bass Records & 
Clawhammer Records.



Dogu Booking Agency

With a passion for drum & bass reaching back to the mid to late 90's, I want to share this love by promoting my dj mixes, offering insights into the world of dnb and electronic music, and help others to see where my musical influences stem. Living in Denmark now, I really want to help boost the growing scene over here to, as everyone should love a bit of DnB, no matter where you are! With a love and appreciation for other genres from hip hop to rock, and embracing the modern world of digital djing,



Dogu Booking Agency

Young aspiring DnB producer and DJ from Aarhus.



Dogu Booking Agency

Pat Flanders and Jus10 aka ChillinBerlin are a DJ-Team known to present high quality electronica: from earthshaking dub step basses, over mind tweeting idm glitches, up to dirty but dance floor-moving minimal beats.



We have been cooperating with many talented individuals such as sound engineers, VJ's and promoters who have given their best to help us accomplish our goals... Thanks to all of you!

We are more than open to work with other organisers and artists both in Denmark and abroad.
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