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Tommy Lauhiala & Toni Sorsa. Active in the underground psychedelic scene since the millennium.

Operating with a highly uncommercial attitude and combining all sorts of music.

Their extremely dance floor orientated sound is mixed up by a damn healthy dose of the most important ingredients:

acid, funk and their special kind of humor, these features distinguishes them as a real treat. Salakavala means "something unexpectable" and somehow this fits their realm perfectly. 

Over the years Salakavala was released on several labels, including 'Faerie Dragon', 'Exogenic Records', '6Dimension Soundz' and 'Antiscarp Records'.

While touring our globe, spreading their message of jolly joy -these finnish freaks continue to develop new sonic creations that will blast the dancefloors of an unknown future.

Stay tuned!



Salakavala - Supersoaker
(Calamar Audio Remix)



Salakavala - Pigfoot

Salakavala - All This Hiding


Shalakalassa (Antiscarp Records) (mp3) 2001

Treacherous Tunes EP (Antiscarp Records) (mp3) 2004 

Fractal Fishing (Faerie Dragon Records) 2006
Unusual Conditions (HippieKiller Productions) 2012


After Party - VA: Custom File (Exogenic Records) 2001
Georgestreet - VA: Final Conflict (Liquid Revolution) 2003
Under Cover Attack - VA: Squeech (Faerie Dragon) 2006
Natto License - VA: No Tone Unstirred (Faerie Dragon) 2007
Punis - 
VA: GOA vol.20 (Yellow Sunshine Explosion) 2007

Teboil - VA: No Possible Soundz vol.3 (6D Soundz) 2008

Serial Atari - VA: Welcome To Umpo (Jolly Fill Music) 2008
Snitsels Allert Everywhere - VA: Hippiekiller Collection (HippieKiller Productions) 2008
Roller Roaster - VA: Mixed by Sharaku (6D Soundz) 2008
Salmonella - VA: Idiosynth Trickery (Faerie Dragon) 2010
Ajan Huoskausta - VA: Psychotria Viridis (Random Records) 2011

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