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2nd Dogu powered event!

Welcome to the Parvati Records & Phreex Networx joined Anniversary! The event will take place in Vestergade 58 which was once home to the legendary "Club Instant Karma" parties... The two sister labels invites you to a dance! Join us in this spectacular celebration of two of the greatest labels in the world of specialized night time psychedelic trance... -Labels: ★PARVATI RECORDS Parvati Records is an independent record label started in Denmark during the summer 2000 with the wish to contribute actively to the growth of the Psy-trance scene and with the vision of creating a platform to support and spread the development of the Psychedelic culture expressed through Music. ★PHREEX NETWORX The "Networx" was started in Tokyo 2005 by DJ Ken a keen collector of nigtime trance. With the release of "Out of Time" the label has now released 14 items with artists such as Derango, Jahbo, Savage Scream, Ocelot, Horror Place, Galaxy Madness, Nom, Syntax Error, Papiyan, Kindzadza, Gu, Drone Bixie and many more! -Artists: ★ECT (Parvati Records) UK With releases on vinyl dating back to 1997 Leigh Griffiths is a pioneer in the psychedelic trance scene and has served as a great inspiration for artists over the years due to his deep and somewhat rough approach to the genre. Previous labels include Phantasm, Psychic Deli, Apoxina, Lyrical Robot Records and many more... ★Jun (Phreex Networx) Japan Japanese DJ and Producer... and a biodynamic farmer. DJ Jun is in Europe to promote his new release "Out of Time" which contains 7 blasting collaboration tracks with artists such as Flipknot, Stranger and Ocelot. This night Jun will be representing Parvati's Japanese sister label Phreex Networx with a 3 hour special set! ★Onkel Dunkel (Parvati Records) DK Also know as Monno former member of the legendary Aarhus group "Grapes of Wrath" hailing from Aarhus. The debut album "Use Your Head" was released in 2011 and many tracks has been released before and after. Produces under the pseudonym "Speakerhuggers" a collaboration project with Mubali. He is also a respected mastering engineer and has countless productions coming from his Bimmelim Soundlabs. ★Jahbo (Parvati Records / Phreex Networx) DK Today considered one of the Pioneers on Parvati Records and one of the most profiled artists from Denmark. Jahbo is a master of funky grooves and hard hitting basslines and has performed all over the world. Previous projects include Meteloids, Psilocowboys and latest Abrahadabra. -Deco: More information soon! -Entré: 110 DKK / 15 EUR -Presale: Please send an email with your full name(s) to the following adresse and follow the bank transfer instructions: -More Links: ૐFULL POWER! 土偶TOTAL ABUNDANCE!

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