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Sofus Forsberg is one of the fathers and driving forces
behind the nordic electronica movement.

Since 1998 he has provided the world with beautiful

emotional melodies, intricate beats, and

superb production.

He is very active playing live, and has spread

 his sound at prominent festivals like

Sonar and Electro Bunker. 

Sofus Forsberg have 2 albums and some remixes

behind him and is now gathering material, reinventing

himself in the joy of modular synthesizers

and drum machines.



Sofus Forsberg - Atlantisk
Jenka Music 2002


Sofus Forsberg - Autotune Track

Jenka Music 2002

TV interview with Sofus Forsberg
from Danish national TV.
(In danish only)

Sofus Forsberg - Save The Christmas Trees
DJ set from 2010




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