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"Snöleoparden is a strange animal that goes its own ways. Luckily we get to take a peak into it's world.
Aarhus based Jonas Stampe has in recent years been in charge of radical and freethinking musical experiments under the name Snöleoparden, he also created a self-titled debut album. This playful and childlike behaviour- in the absolute positive way - is at the heart of Snöleoparden when he explores his territory, recorders, xylophones, guitars, musical boxes, tablas and various kitchen utensils with increasing naivety. which proofs his immense sharp eye of musical structures. Snöleoparden and his invited friends are simply so musical that they can play on the edge of where the music falls over, and the structure collapses. It may sound a little pensive, but it is certainly not. Listen to "Snabel e" with its noisy percussion, the psychedelic rock song "Water Puppet Theatre" or "Den evige" a dreamy and frantic music box song.

This is really charming, but not for either musical habit thinkers or chorus junkies. "




Snöleoparden - Xylofon

Snöleoparden & Nikolas
live at Copenhagen City Hall

Snöleoparden in Danish national tv 'Den 11. time' 10th of March, 2008

Snöleoparden - Snöleoparden
Rump Records

Release/catalogue number: RUMPCD008

Release date: Mar 3, 2008



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