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Aarhus, the center point of underground trance culture in Denmark.
DJ Psylle is a relatively new player on the scene, but has been with the Dogu group since its conception.
Known for his powerful selection and agressive style, mixing classic Aarhus vibes together with Russian and Japanese tunes, he has quickly raised above the average bedroom DJ and straight to the arena of bigger events.


He's debut on the international scene was at the famous Odyssey in Berlin 2012.
He marked this 6 stage, 48 hour NYE celebration with one of the best sets during the event
When not blasting the dancefloors Psylle is also an active part in the party scene as an organizer and planner of gatherings for the twisted few.​

Besides he's ongoing work for Dogu Records, Psylle is also DJ for the Japanese label Milega Records, headed by DJ Hide.

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