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Daniel aka. Oginok aka. Uglefar is a music producer from... You guessed it! ...Denmark!
Started his endevour into electronic music around the millenium with the project "Parvati Persuation" and later joined up with "Zoolog" with whom he created the duo "AnnoyingNinjas".

The Oginok project has a strong melodic side it and a certain mystical, almost etheral value to it and has been praised around the globe.
It remains one of the most well kept secrets of the scene and continues to amaze audiences.
Tracks have seen releases on labels such as Troll'n'Roll, Sonic Chakras, Trance Bum Producions and soon also on Dogu Records.




Ballerup Slaskeren* - VA: Cosmic Theatre (Cosmic Theatre Records) 2006

She-Man & CattleBat* - VA: Holocryptic Audio (Sanaton Records) 2007
Der Var Ik Dem Der Ik Fik Finger* - VA: Shadow Enuin 2 (Moon Koradji Records) 2009
Rævehulen* - VA: Cycle Of Secrets (Silent Existence) 2010

7 Slags Sovs*VA: Somatic Frenzy (Mighty Quinn Records) 2010

TapirRodeo* - VA: Cosmic System (Olotropo Records) 2011

Jollywood* - VA: Rainbow Circle (Mental Sauce) 2011
Spiral Spiral Spiral* - VA: Back To The Mothership (Mighty Quinn Records) 2012
Kameltå* - VA: Head Bloom (Sonic Chakras Records) 2014

Kalashnilove* - VA: Source Transmission (Mindfull Records) 2015

Fraxinus Excelsior - VA: Tales From The North (Troll N' Roll Records) 2015
Fugleånd - VA: Sonic Quagmire (
Sonic Chakras Records) 2016
At Bygge En Bro* - VA: Raindance II (Random Records) 2016

Lound And Clear - VA: Audio Poppers (Trance Bum Productions) 2017
Bohemian Groove* - VA: Jyske Lov (Dogu Records) 2021
Irsk Monokel* - To be released 2021....

* As AnnoyingNinjas

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