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He is Denmarks no.1 Drum n' Bass DJ. His record collection is larger than yours.

An inspiration for a whole generation of acid and EDM heads. 
A pioneer, a true craftsman on the decks - turntablism at it's finest. 

This dancefloor devastater
drives the crowd of
mindless ravers 

into a frenzy of 

body movements and joy.



NoiaNiz has been a key figure in the evolution of the danish EDM scene.
He started out as a Drum n Bass/Jungle DJ in '97 and shortly after the millenium, he began exploring the more experimental sides of electronic music. IDM, Breakcore, electro acoustic (musique concrète), Noise and so on!

He's currently studying electronic composition at the 'Royal Academy of Music'.
When composing music his love lies in melodic Electronica in all its forms.



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