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Inspired equally by 80´s synth pop, Detroit techno and Nordic folk-music, Karsten Pflum starts playing around with old synths and sequencers in the middle of the 90´s using the name of Slaphead Faun. In 2003 he releases his first album 'Tracks' on the English label Worm Interface, which is soon followed by two EP´s and second full album on the two Danish labels Tender Productions and Jenka Music.
Karsten Pflums music has been air-played by BBC´s John Peel and Mary Anne Hobbs, and he has toured in Scandinavia, Germany, UK, Spain & Turkey, both solo and in different constellations with Bjørn Svin and Monolog among others.


'I make music as a kind of therapy' says Karsten Pflum, 'I try to live in a parallel world of music, where the things that happen reflect 'reality' but at the same time live their own life, and kind of grow on their own. I guess I am a pretty typical electronic musician, who tries to develope my music all the time, and find the identity that suits me at the time.'



Karsten Pflum -
Further Down the Rabbits Hole

Karsten Pflum - Draworder

Karsten Pflum - Tak 1
(120 BPM Karramel Mix)

Karsten Pflum - Idhax
Rump Records

Release/catalogue number: RUMPCD005
Release date: Oct 23, 



Tracks, (CD, Album), Worm Interface, 2003
Flugten Fra År 2000, (CD, Album), Jenka Music, 2005
Idhax (CD & LP, Album), Rump Recordings, 2006
Slaphead Faun, (CD, Album), Mindwaves Music, 2010
No Noia My Love, (CD Album), Hymen Records, 2011
Sleepwald, (CD Album), Hymen Records, 2013

Singles and EPs
Lire Skuffe / Der Kleine Pastor, (7"), Snake Eyes, 2002
Dogcatcher EP, (12"), Tender Productions, 2004
Puzzleweasel & Karsten Pflum - Split, (12"), Jenka Music, 2005
Fuck Music, Easy, (12"), Bohnerwachs Tontraeger, 2007
God / Fly, (7"), Rump Recordings, 2007
Nemo Loon, (12"), Ad Noiseam, 2010




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