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DJ and producer from Japan who brings very intense vibes to the dancefloor.
Associated with Phreex Networx and previously label DJ for the respected label Trishula Records.
DJ Jun brings the type of powerfull psychedelic night music that takes You on a journey far into to depths of consciousness.

Over the years Jun has collaborated with many music makers from all over the world in order to capture ingredients for his sets.
This includes Flipknot, Ocelot, Stranger and Galaxy Madness among others...
Jun has made exclusive no compromise parties and brought artists like Dejan, Hokus Pokus, Zoolog among others to Japan.

When DJ'ing his often very long sets, Jun creates a unique world of sound which is carefully blended by his skillful mixing.
A master of the old ways, Jun brings the DAT* back to the future.

*digital audio tape




Galaxy Madness & Jun - Underground Generation (Phreex Networx) 2007
Out of Time (Phreex Networx) 2014




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