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Jahbo is a name that resonates positively throughout the psytrance scene and has been involved in many projects such as Abrahadabra, Psilocowboys and the infamous Meteloids.
Jahbo has toured the planet twice and is still pumping out psy grooves that shakes the floor everywhere, even galaxies beyond.







Flux - VA: Psychovader (Apoxina Records) 2001
Sinister Fluff - VA: Interdimensional Space Frequencies 2003
Fuzzy - VA: Night 24 Hours (Inpsyde Media) 2003
Blabla - VA: Hadracadabra (Hadra Records) 2004
MorphadelicVA: Psychedelically Yours 2 (Parvati Records) 2004

Phenix - VA: Phenix (Phreex Networx) 2005

Chronic Mnemonic - VA: Psy Stories (Parvati Records) 2005
Two Stoned Babas - VA: Moon Unit (Apoxina Records) 2005
On The Other Side - VA: Moon Unit (Apoxina Records) 2005

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