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Behind the moniker Gu we find the producer and DJ Takumi Yamaguchi from Japan....

In 2004 he began a journey to the Indian sub-continent, and accidentally stumbled into the state called Goa, completely unaware that he was about to have his life changed....
In Goa he had his first encounter with the phenomena which he later got to know as trance music.
After dancing at a couple of parties he decided to become a DJ in this odd yet intriguing scene.
This journey left a big impression on him and he became very influenced by the connections that he found in the psychedelic music from all around the world.

 In 2006 he picked up the computer and started to fiddle around with digital audio workstations, synths and effects.
He wanted to create an original sound previously unheard to humankind.
As he started to produce his own music, dark sounds with groovy bass lines became his apparent signature....

Gu performing live in Osaka

Gu - Reality is a Hallucination
Insomnia Records




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