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I consider myself a world citizen, i am a nomadic spirit and i feel alive when i am on the road: to travel is to live !!!!

In the early 90s I got introduced to Psychedelic Trance Music and during the summer of 2000, Parvati Records was founded!

The Label's Vision was, and still is, to create a platform for talented psy-trance producers from the global underground milieau to spread, together with the music, a message of love and understanding, helping to create a bridge between people from different places and cultures.


Musically, the label since the start have tried to pay attention to artists who try on one side to explore and push the borders of electronic psychedelic trance and on the other to have also a friendly approach to the dancefloor: being innovative and avandgarded and try to reach, aggregate and stimulate wider audiences!
I have compiled so far all the Parvati releases, except prvcd19 and prvcd24 v/a Brainzcrew 1 and 2 compiled by Dj Ilse, and since 2004 I have started to play dj sets at parties and festivals, presenting a selection of the music released on Parvati and the demos arriving at the label.
The Music and the Label have brought me around the world, giving me the chance to meet and interact with lots of nice people in India, Japan, Taiwan, Nepal, California, Brasil, Costa Rica, Denmark, Greece, Macedonia, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Russia, Lithuania, Finland, Norway, UK, Hungary, Montenegro, Austria, Slovakia, Turkey, Belgium, Croatia and to play from small cosy family parties to big gatherings as Ozora Festival (2009-2010-2012), Boom Festival (2012) and Universo Paralello (2011) in Brasil.

Visit' Parvati Records' by clicking the foot above!

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