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Norwegian Underground DJ primarily known from the scene in and around Oslo but has also spun festivals around like Boom, Lost Theory and Freqs of Nature.
Frodohm is also known as the leading DJ of Yggdrasil records and he has also been producing some of the material found on their releases along with tracks on Sanaton and Tantrumm Records.

Yggdrasil was founded in 2005 and has greatly influenced the scandinavian scene of psychedelic trance and by focussing on the foresty vibes found in those nordic countries they have created a label with a unique sound. 
The releases contain artists such as Krussedull, Hutti Heita, Fragletrollet, Derango, Zoolog, Trold, and Kanka.

We highly recommend this DJ for his psychedelic night time sets because of his distinct and quality minded mixes.
The music is adventurous and oozing of trollgas and pixie dust and takes you for a trip into the deeply bended woods.

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