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Disobedient Perception is a project which infuses the daring listener with morphing, transforming, organic soundscapes dancing on funky basslines and groovy rythms!


Disobedient Perception (DENMARK)​



Based in Eastern Jutland, Disobedient Perception is strongly influenced and inspired by the pioneers of psytrance in and around the city of Århus. A one man project, with an enthusiasm for foresty, funky and spacy sounds. Introduced to Goa Trance from an early age, his first EP "Take Away" on Parvati Records in 2020, fully tuned ears to his mystical soundscapes.

"Music production has been my way of meditation since my late teens, a lot of energy has been put in to learning by doing and trial and error, to see what works best to achieve the style i wish to obtain."



Disobedient Perception
5 Dorrah

Disobedient Perception
Chemicalius Maximus
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