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Super talented mum, horse fanatic and creator of quality electronica!
Bandane is a band mainly consisting of Ane Østergaard, educated at the Royal Danish Music Conservatory's, as one of the first people in Denmark to recieve a master's degree in electronic music.
Ane has released a whole bunch of well recieved albums and has performed widely around Scandinavia and Europe at festivals and electronic events. 



Band Ane - Natten i Stationsbyen
(feat. Else Gaunoux on guitar) 
A Black/White movie of still pictures

Band Ane - Wood Delivery
(Animation movie by Andreas Normand Grøntved)

Anish Music (CD, Album), Jenka Music, 2006
Anish Music Too and Fee (CD, Album), Jenka Music, 2009




Band Ane - Ballerina Skaev Paa Taa
(Video Produced and Animated by Karina Porsgaard)

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