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Psychedelic forest trance from scandinavia,
both funky and ruthless, sweet and savage...
The two mad scientists 'Oginok' and 'Zoolog'
brings you into their world of fractal geometry 
...and entheogenic hospitality,
A place where the secrets of the universe are
projected upon your RNA to meet the requested
cumulative development of timewave zero


AnnoyingNinjas is a dynamic psytrance duo from Aarhus, Denmark.
It started around 2003 and was first introduced to the scene in 2004.
The project consists of Zoolog and Oginok aka. Ringo Gringo, and has previously been released on Sanaton Records and Cosmic Theatre Records - the future has more in store.

"The Ninjas" has performed in many countries: Norway, Finland, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Ukraine, Greece, Turkey, India, Russia, Brazil and more - from festivals to small cozy private events.
The music is experimental, frame-breaking and with a sense of humor, yet it keeps within a mindset resembling the vibe of local forest-gatherings; pixie-pounding grooves and fractal simulations, combined with a pinch of madness, yet full dance-floor suitable.



She-man & Cattlebat


Der var ik dem der ik fik finger


Ballerup Slaskeren - VA: Cosmic Theatre (Cosmic Theatre Records) 2006

She-Man & CattleBat - VA: Holocryptic Audio (Sanaton Records) 2007
Der Var Ik Dem Der Ik Fik Finger - VA: Shadow Enuin 2 (Moon Koradji Records) 2009
Rævehulen - VA: Cycle Of Secrets (Silent Existence) 2010

7 Slags SovsVA: Somatic Frenzy (Mighty Quinn Records) 2010

TapirRodeo - VA: Cosmic System (Olotropo Records) 2011

Jollywood - VA: Rainbow Circle (Mental Sauce) 2011
Spiral Spiral Spiral - VA: Back To The Mothership (Mighty Quinn Records) 2012
Kameltå - VA: Head Bloom (Sonic Chakras Records) 2014

Kalashnilove - VA: Source Transmission (Mindfull Records) 2015
At Bygge En Bro - VA: Raindance II (Random Records) 2016
Bohemian Groove - VA: Jyske Lov (Dogu Records) 2021
Irsk Monokel - To be released 2021....


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