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About us


Dogu is a collective of enlightened beings with a professional intention, solid experience and a tightknitted crew.
We specialize in:
-Alternative and experimental music
-Artist management
-Event planning
-Sound engineering/rental
-Audio mastering
...and much more!

On our page you will find a selection
of high quality artists from all over the world, which we are proud to represent and showcase.
...Let us be your musical inspiration.

-At Dogu we strive to bring you the best alternative music:
Acoustic and Electronic - Ethnic and Avant-garde.

-We consider ourselves a powerfull source of wisdom in event-making and have a wide array of contacts in countless fields.

-We specialize in genres such as: Electronica, IDM, Drum n Bass, Dub,

Chill-out, Psychedelic Rock, Suphi Trance, Psychedelic Trance, Suomi Trance...

-We provide experienced personel in event production, sound systems, sound engineering, sound design, stage management and video productions.

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